Converter MT Box BF data in *.BCL and *.Bat For Inifnity BEST User
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We make This Small Software Very Helpful For User Who have Problem in making Bat or BCL using MT BF data

Here Small Steps

1 : Upload Job On MT server and Cancel job
2 : Login MT Support And Get BF data Like This Picture

Converter data *.BCL *.Bat Inifnity attachment.php?attachmentid=258133&d=1303480972

3 : Copy These Data From MT Support [ ighashgpu -t:sha1 -salt:003560460376525600 -h:4F3598A77E588250F4593DA05E3582FA2AD4F431 -uh:00010203040506070809 -min:15 -max:15 ]

4 : Pest Data in software igstr_to_bc and Click MAKE BCL File save in Folder which u extract igstr_to_bc

Here 1 Test Report

MT BF data