Hello dear users,

Since we introduced SDMMC functionality over JTAG port into v1 RIFF Box hardware, there were some reports on connectivity problems with multi-TAP mcu-s.
To fix those errors took some time, but now it should work much more stable on JTAG operations then it used even before SDMMC addition.

RIFF Box Firmware 1.52
-Improved RIFFBOX1 CPLD Firmware (old version is 0xA1B6, new version is 0xA1B7).
JTAG stability improved, fixed some JTAG module issues which were reported to appear after the SDMMC controller was added to CPLD Firmware in 1.48 version.

Update procedure is same as before, simply click "Firmware Update" and wait for process to finish. Of course, update port must be installed and driver signature enforcement disabled.

Possible errors:

- CPLD error: WRID
Can happen if there are cold soldering on CPLD chip. To resolve it, rehot bottom side of board, large XILINX chip with enough flux.
- CPLD error: ERSE
Repeat firmware update procedure.

This firmware version for v2 RIFF Box (white box) has no changes other than version number for compatibility with JTAG Manager. __________________
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