GcProKey Update64[samsung J327T free unlock,LG APPLOCKED Unlock via credits[28-03-18]

GcPro Total update count 64 release date 28-03-2018

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0056 released.

  • What's New:
    • Added:
      • Samsung QCOM code read support for model SM-J250F via ask to code.
      • SAMSUNG Exynos APPLOCKED J327T Unlocking any version unlock via server for FREE..
        • beta
          Note:Need to tick on use server & TMobile Unlock option.

      • SAMSUNG Exynos older models via Tmobile Unlock need RA or older modem
        • NO ROOT
        • beta
          Note:Need to tick on use server & TMobile Unlock option.This will charge 2 credits.

      • LG QCOM APPLOCKED Phone unlock via credits
        • Need ROOT
        • beta
          Note:If you have any issue on unlocking LG APPLOCKED, please make your own thread with log credits will be refunded only with full log.This will charge 10 credits.

  • Improvements:
    • Exynos unlock over diag for
      • SS305
      • SS308
      • SS315

        • new models still need RA or older firmware.

    • Comport selection method.
    • Ask/read write crash some time on write rpl.
    • Exynos unlock for ask read will verify full security before make ask.
    • Exynos unlock over diag cert read for STL old model.
    • Comport scan method.
    • Sprint unlock, may help on J327P U3 temp unlock. Make sure diag port is selected.
    • Sprint unlock with root show spc.
    • qcom code read.

GCPROUPDTOOL V1.0.0.25 Released.
  • What's New:
    • Added
      • option to check replacement card or empty card.

  • Improvements:
    • server connection.
    • checking of card which have issue on update last time.

  • Strongly recommend to use latest version. all old version will stop working soon.

  • NO PACK.
    NO EVERY YEAR FEE.. ALL GCPro updates are free.

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  • Big thanks to all bug hunters who helped to improve GCPro software.

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