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Q&A - Uni-Android Tool

Hello, You do not need to take the questions that are always answered in the forum again, you can take a look at this and get answers.

1) Q - This Product Yearly ?
1) A - Yes, This is Yearly product, after 1 year you need renewal the activavtion.

2) Q - Can i use it multiple pc ?
2) A - No! This product by PC HWID based, You will need change HW ID for can using at another pc.

3) Q - Where can i change pc hw id ?
3) A - You can request it from your local reseller or post at sticky theread "Uni-Android Tool - PC ID Change Request Here"

4) Q - How much time will activate when i bought activation ?
4) A - This depent your reseller, but it should usually not take more than 24 hours during working days

5) Q - This is can i get beta version or demo version ?
5) A - No, We have not such plan for yet.

6) Q - Can i work this tool with usb sharing software ?
6) A - Yes! You can using any 3rd usb sharing soft with the tool