GcPro Total update count 50 release date 07-04-2017

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0044 released.

  • What's New:
    • Added World first Motorola ADB Enable via FACTORY MODE all known android os tilldate..
      Note:for steps read gcproupdatexx\helpfiles\Motorola_adb_enable_helpfi le

    • Added World first HTC Sprint Alternative method for SPC/MSL read.

    • Added World first Samsung DRK Repair new method.
      Note:Only work via UART at present.

    • Added Samsung imeicert write adb more better support for damaged NV phones.
      • Supported Models
        • SS305
        • SS310AP
        • SS315
        • SS333
        • SS335 etc

        Note: Software will ask you to write other phone nv at run time.Once its successful you can use imeicert write adb again to fix nv.

      • Added Unicode support for options for Chinese,Russian,turkish etc.
        Note: auto languages support is via windows LCID.. software will detect what windows default languages is.
        Note2: all translation can be handle with lang.xml near application for add your own languages support please contact us via skype.

      • Added MTK IMEI Repair over CDC Port.(useful on vivo phones & other which can
        enable port without root.)
        Note: for vivo v5 please use *#558# to enable cdc port.
        Note2: We will add next days CDC port via bootrom in next coming updates.

      • Added External HWID loading methods plan and calculated via at terminal.

  • Improvements:
    • IMEI Cert adb for many models.
    • IMEI Cert adb hw sec key will be always saved.
    • Samsung SPD msl reset.
    • Samsung SPD Unlock.
    • Samsung Exynos unlock on MSL reset.
    • HTC sprint unlock..

  • Key benefits for Motorola ADB Enable:
    • You don't need to buy or use any motorola cracked or paid software.
    • You don't need to setup unknown software,dlls.
    • You can remove frp with GCPro no need any external tool.
    • Very easy & simple just 2 click.

Strongly recommend to use latest version.

Do you feel it ?
Do you feel it ?
Feel The Difference With GCPro.

Soon all copy paster will start there job.. again remember only GCPro you will always on top.

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