Fenix Key SL3 SLAP v2.1 released

Windows x64 support, multi - computers computing and much more...

What's new?

* Windows x64 support - added
* Calculating one phone on 1 - 4 computers simultaneously - added. This option makes calculation very fast if you have more than one computer. You can split calculation to use maximum 4 computers.
* CPU don't care option - added. Use this option if you have 4 or more core processor to get faster calculation.
* Progress lost after computer reset bug - fixed
* Code not found on some cases bug - fixed
* GPU usage stability - improved
* .sha files support - added
* Security card life counter changed so that you could calculate more phones without updating the card.

Notice: If you have SL3 calculation in progress (SLAP v2.0) please do not update application now and wait for the calculation is finished. Otherwise you will need to start calculation from the beginning.

Update is free for all Fenix Key users. No logs required.

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Fenix Team