[10 FEB 2015]

Description :

  • ORT Plus V2.03 Released

Release Notes:
  • News :
    • support MBR fat partition table
    • Partition Table support for old types
    • FlashID:0x384731471501004D,SubFlashID:0x44B9B06443 005975
    • MBR fat partition table
      • You can now read all kind of device partition by partition by clicking on partition on the software !
        Where you can be expert of extracting your own boots from your own devices

  • Advanced EFS Repair
    • ORT Repair files had already included EFS repair for many Samsung Phones for years !!
    • You do not need to download anything for that it is just inside the repair files .

  • Universal JTAG Programmer
    • ORT JTAG has always been Universal JTAG Programmer for the supported CPUs
    • We do not limit you with the model list you can work with any model as long as you have the correct connection

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