Polar box2: Update v2.64 ready [27-06-2011]

Hi to all Polar community,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers.

PolarSuite Update - Version v2.6.4
PandaSuite Update - Version v1.3.7

Alcatel and Vodaphone Phones (MTK platform)

[+] New models added :

* Vodafone 345

- Read Codes (safe unlock process)
- Write functions (Firmware/Language and Eeprom backup)
- Change Language (Via flashing)
- Repair function (Flashing)
- Reset Usercode (Format FFS)
- Working with baudrate up to 921.600 Bds
- Prepairing now flashfiles for unlock (via unlocked firmware)

[+] Read Codes functions added for this models (no more FLASH for unlock)
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 level locks readed)
[+] Models added this update (some are NEW) :

Alcatel OT-222
Alcatel OT-223
Alcatel OT-255
Alcatel OT-355
Alcatel OT-505
Alcatel OT-505K
Alcatel OT-565
Alcatel OT-565K

[+] Fixed problem with booting in some alcatels

BlackBerry Phones ( RIM platform )

[+] Calculation via IMEI + MEP added (for all MEPs) !!!
[+] IMEI Calculation needs internet connection (via server)
[+] Fixed problem in NCK lenght (MEP-23361-001), now fixed to 8 digits

In case you need know MEP of your blackberry, you can extract it without cable.
Follow this instructions inside for generate EngineerKey and read MEP from screen directly

Calculator and Instructions : الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط[ للتسجيل اضغط هنا ]

Vodafone ( Modems USB)

[+] New models added :

* Vodafone 3571Z (ZTE based)

- Direct Unlock
- Enable Diag Comport

[+] Fixed bug in 3765Z USB Modem (ZTE based)

ZTE and TMN Phones

[+] New models added :

* ZTE Aeon
* ZTE N290
* ZTE R221
* ZTE R225
* ZTE S202
* ZTE T202
* ZTE X672
* ZTE Z533
* TMN Ministone

- Direct Unlock (via NCK calculations)
- Process not need server

Some other features :

[+] Improved some Alcatel processes.
[+] Improved communication with Samsungs S3650 and S5230
[+] Fixed some bugs inside Suite softwares (Polar, Panda and SAT modules)

Thanks in advance for your attention.
With best regards,

[ Polar Team ]
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