What's new for Mcnlight box version ? New!! Hot!!

Release contains:

  • MTK bootloader update to support new CPU
  • Fixed MTK write bugs for some special ICs
  • Spreadtrum new Flash ICs added
  • Spreadtrum add support Andriod base phone (Read/write/Unlock/IMEI Change)
  • Spreadtrum Unlock function improved
  • Fixed Mstar write flash bugs
  • Mstar Unlock function improved
  • Update Main software to V1.2.2.3
  • Other small report bugs fixed
    18:21:04 Welcome to use McnPro light Box 18:21:04 Baud setting ... 18:21:09 Set Baud done 18:21:09 SW V12.23 18:21:09 FW 3.09 18:21:09 SN MCNLxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 18:21:09 AC 8888-8888-8888-8888-8888 18:21:09 Box Connected!

Upgrading from Previous Versions:

  • As usual, We recommend that all customers running previous versions now upgrade to new version which is available for all customers with valid, To download that from الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط[ للتسجيل اضغط هنا ]! You also can using الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط[ للتسجيل اضغط هنا ] direct upgrade to last version.

Thank you to everyone who has reported bugs to us. We sincerely appreciate your assistance. If you come across any bugs in the product, please continue contact our team by email / PM etc.

Thanks for using Mcnpro Light Box!

The McnBox Dev Team