GSD Pro First version [beta]
What is news?
Everything has changed in this version, you will touch a new world.
Users can use the old version at the same time.
All Features is automatically (no need da,auth,preloader or select chipset)

  • Read All Partition Raw Firmware
  • Write Raw Firmware
  • Read preloader
  • Write Preloader
  • Read GPT
  • Write GPT
  • Read RPMB
  • Write RPMB
  • Erase RPMB
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Relock bootloader
  • Remove Warninig state(yellow , red warninig) and time
  • Modify Partition Tables (GPT)
  • Root device in brom service
  • Fast Flash Firmware on device 12k full speed
  • Flash Backupped Firmware with gsd in pit type or scatter firmware
  • Repair imei Flash mode
  • Repair imei meta mode
  • Backup nv items(all security partition) (adb , flash mode)
  • write Backupped nv items(adb , flash mode)
  • Partition Managment (Read Partition Info)
  • Erase Manual Partitions
  • Read Manual Partitions
  • Write Backupped Partition (pit type very easy in gsd pro)
  • bypass screenlock without scatter or any file up to android 9


  • All Functions Updated
  • updated Flash Firmware
  • added boot update , efs clear with flash mode
  • added root functions (this is very easy no need to make file) up to android 11
  • updated bypass frp with ADK method in gsd pro
  • updated bypass screenlock

Fire Download

  • download algorithm updated
  • added supported download with other download manager

This version introduces you to a new world of software.
I recommend watching the videos of this project on YouTube for more information.

Version Beta
Release Date 2021/12/1
Size 16.2MB
Sha256 85b034d32e57d7035d9d2bda5469ff11e7254984bbfff7171afefb1c99ecebf5
Supported OS Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 10 , 32/64 bit
Requirements [ ] , [ ]

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