Ver. 1.12 Released

If you Open an Old Version, You will Get Link to Download New one.

*** What's New ***

- Fixed Bug Repair Imei for Hisilicon Based Phones

Disclaimer: This Feature is released to repair original Imei of your phone... Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and we will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall

This version do not Repair Scurity, so any phone alterated by a third-party sw can give Error.

- Fixed BUG FRP Reset phones

Factory Reset Protection Remove for Huawei phones should support more than 80% of existing phones with any CPU (HQXA not added yet. Hope in Next Release as is not really Hot y560, y635)

- Added CONFIG TAB, to Buy Activation / Credits

This Module is STILL FREE for all GBKEY USERS for a limited period, all GB-KEY Users are able to use for free till Offer Period is Over.

This module will be paied in Few Days.
FRP will be Credit Based in Few Days

Get a Profit since is STILL FREE

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@Users, Please post reports, bugs (if exist) and ideas/advice or any request if needed.

any post out of thread object will be deleted.

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